Portfolio Management

A securities portfolio takes a lifetime to amass. Why allow it managed by someone without your best interest at heart? Hayden Consulting remains a steadfast advocate for a client. Our fee-only structure provides an impartial oversight and unbiased supervision of investments.

Hayden Consulting neither sells financial products nor represents a specific brokerage house, therefore, the approach to financial products is unfettered. Our desire is to steer a course of whatís best for the client. To be assured a plan meets expectations, our Certified Financial Planner handpicks a portfolio to meet a desired risk tolerance.

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An independent review determines if securities meet the risk tolerance of an investor.

Creating a plan that will enhance and insulate core resources must be the primary objective. To be successful, the process should address both short and long-term goals, basic financial needs, and distinctive areas identified by the investor.

Whether you prefer municipal bonds, a portfolio of stocks, or mutual funds, we can help. Meeting with a financial expert may provide you additional comfort in your selection of securities, and assist with a periodic balance of a portfolio to make certain it continues to rally around your prescribed goals.


Investment Analysis and Planning

Whether your portfolio is managed by a broker or yourself, a second opinion may be helpful. As an alternative to an account manager, when you chose to be in command of the portfolio, our Financial Analyst can provide an independent analysis and review.

With careful scrutiny to each investment, a better understanding of the balance of a portfolio will dispel any fears and take the sting out of a sudden shift in market volatility.

Estate Planning

To minimize or reduce estate or inheritance tax liabilities is our prescribed goal. Objectives of any plan should be to preserve client wealth, protect assets from creditors, allow clients to spend for their needs during a lifetime, and pass-on the maximum wealth to designated beneficiaries at death.

Estate Planners are not created equal. The ability to draft a legal document does not make a person an estate planner any more than pitching a ball makes you ready for the big leagues. Estate planning requires intricate attention to detail and specialized skills. To maximize estate deductions and the reduction of tax must work hand in glove.

Estate Taxes and Income Taxes are calculated independently. By well managing assets, the combination of these taxes will be reduced so more is retained to pass on to beneficiaries.

Engage our team of professionals to take the headache out of planning for your estate, and to evaluate methods to maximize your assets and reduce taxes.

Retirement Planning

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)



Regardless of the type of account you have, or if you have no account, our financial planner can help with recommendations for retirement.

Procrastination, this is a word all of us know too well. There are times when holding back can pay off, but planning for your retirement is NOT one of them. Thereís only one side to waiting and thatís the downside. Give Hayden Consulting 20 minutes and youíll come away convinced.

We want to be an advocate for your future financial security. When weíre done, you will understand why you must START NOW to plan and save for retirement. Early is certainly preferable, although itís NEVER too late. As an adviser, our goal is to pinpoint strategies to help make the retirement of your dreams a reality, and one day you also will jump for joy.

Retirement planning can be daunting. Whether to be in a Plan or not, or which type to participate can be overwhelming. Unless you are well versed on these issues and the plans available, deciding on which will best meet your needs can seem impossible. Thatís where our professionals can help.

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