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Business owners often need a Chief Financial Officer when company finances become complex and require someone with financial expertise. Outsourcing the position of chief financial officer may be a money-saving alternative to consider. This can yield excellent results, and reduce the added overhead burden. As an independent adviser and CFO, we are objective and provide unbiased recommendations in the decision making process.

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Business Consulting

There are uncertainties when it comes to business cycles, and no amount of guesswork will protect a small business owner from the ups and downs of a changing economy. There are, however, fundamental steps to minimize disruptions from increasing prices, changing consumer habits, growing operating risks, competition and fraud.

Companies depend on Hayden Consulting, to integrate the most effective accounting controls, and provide up-to-date essentials to run efficient businesses. Over time

these systems increase the bottom line. When business or financial plans are undertaken, hire knowledgeable advisers to implement the skill sets needed to protect the company from undue risk.

An Exit plan is a customized process of setting goals and to make decisions on how these are best achieved. Developing an Exit strategy must maximize the financial return, and minimize the tax liability. If you die or become disabled before you retire, the plan must be designed to kick-in so a survivor receives full value.

Exit Planning

There are many reasons to start a business, independence, financial security, or simply the pursuit of a dream. But, how do you plan to get out? With wealth locked inside a company an owner may wonder how to convert a business to cash.

Creation and implementation of an Exit strategy will be the most important financial decision of a business ownerís life. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs donít consider this event until itís too late.

Business Valuations

What is the business worth?

With the acquisition or sale of any business, this should be the first question. Without an answer no one knows the amount of dollars needed to pay estate tax, to develop a retirement strategy, or if the asking price is too high or low.

A business that is undervalued cheats an owner of equity developed during the long years needed to build a company. An inferior valuation may result in too much tax paid in an estate, the basis transferred to beneficiaries far below fair value, or

money could be left on the table for the seller.

A business value is relative, not fixed. It fluctuates and varies in part due to the actual transfer of ownership, or the conditions surrounding a transfer. Relying on a competent outside appraiser may dispel these concerns.††

Litigation Support

Attorneys often needs assistance with Finance, Business or Tax matters a client becomes involved.† This may be a simple review of documents for issues that affect an outcome, or something complex such as a financial analysis or a business valuation to provide expert witness testimony in a lawsuit. Hayden Consulting has professionals with the expertise to assist the legal profession to resolve these issues.

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